Through a Craftster/Facebook friend I found out about BzzAgent.   This site gives me the opportunity to try out products for free and share my opinions and coupons with friends and family.  I also want to share any info I can with you cause who doesn't love a recommendation for something great???

Since signing up I was chosen for two campaigns.  The first was for Dr. Scholl's For Women High Heel Insoles and the second was for Skinnygirl Cocktails. 

I received a free pair of Dr. Scholl's insoles to try out and I REALLY like them!  I pretty much gave up on wearing heels a few years ago cause my feet were just beat up from years of wearing them out and about.  I had bought a different pair of insoles to try out a few months ago and they just didn't work.  They didn't stay put and I actually ended up throwing them out after a few hours.  After that experience I was somewhat skeptical about these.  Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised!  The bottom is sticky so the stay in place and they are clear so they can be worn in any shoe. 
They have an awesome arch support which really takes the pressure off the ball of your foot.  I am sold!!! No more heels without these inserts.  
I also received some coupons to try out Skinnygirls new cocktails.  I am more of a  wine drinker so was happy to see this on their website.  Red wine can be tricky for me.  I don't want it too dry or too sweet.  It needs to really be in the middle.  This one was perfect!!! I think because its a blend of different Reds.  I also like that it has fewer calories than the wines I usually drink.  I don't have a photo but I also tried the Skinnygirl Margaritas and White Cranberry Cosmos.  Both were good but I think I will stick to the wine.
**I received free products and coupons from BzzAgent to try these products but the opinions are all my own***

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