Make A Friend Swap

These are some of the things I sent to my partner in the Make a Friend Swap.  In the swap you actually send three packages to each other.  Each package has a list of items to can choose to include.  The first package is about you.  I had a hard time with this cause I wanted to send things that described myself but also things my partner would enjoy.  The second and third packages are goodies for them using what you have learned while getting to know your new friend. 
One of the things I learned from my partner is that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday.  Using that info I made this Autumn Leaf embroidery for her.  The pattern is from Urban Threads.

Once we were partnered up we became Facebook friends and I found out that we both like to play Candy Crush.  So I made her some Candy Crush Bottle Top Magnets.

In the first package I made this little house shrine since I love shrines, birds, and pink!  I also sent along a large Skeleton Key cause I love those too!

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LimeRiot said...

I love that embroidered leaf! Gorgeous.


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