Teesha Moore Patches

first saw these patches on Craftster. A member was inspired by these fun randomly stitched patches by an artist named Teesha Moore and posted about them. Their popularity took off on Craftster. I watched the YouTube video instructions on how to get started an added it to my want to do list. For over a year….

I finally had a shot at making them in a swap I did. I decided to make some Harry Potter themed patches for my parnter and since she wanted a wall hanging I ended up stitching them all together. For the patches I stenciled the HP logo with fabric paint, the feather is machine embroidered, and the flying key was made from charms I had in my stash. Everything else was hand stitched.

So after making this batch I found that I am hooked! I joined another swap that was just for patches to start adding to my own collection and I made these.

Now I am in an Ongoing Teesha Moore Patch Swap and made these two patches for my first claim. 

I am sure I will be making more in the future since they are super fun and I need to continue to add to my own collection!


I've been a bad blogger!!

I have been a bad, bad blogger! Life has been busy the past few months. I have still been busy on the crafty front though and have lots of photos saved up to share! I have been using the embroidery machine I got for Christmas with much more success and still doing lots of hand embroidery. 
I hope to be able to be back to posting more regularly! In the mean time here is a picture from the first day of school. 


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