Here we go again

I have been caught up in the middle of the holiday frenzy which for me also includes birthday frenzy for Adia. She is having her birthday party tomorrow at the park. I am crossing my fingers for decent weather (cross yours too!) She is so excited. I can't believe she is already going to be eight! Where does the time go? I remember her being my non sleeping, crying, pooping everywhere teeny tiny baby. She was the most beautiful little one in the world (still is in my opinion) I kinda miss those days when I could hold her with one arm. Now I can't even lift her up at all!!! She is so independant and certainly has a mind of her own. Not sure where she gets that from???? She is also very sensitive and I think she is always trying to make everyone (except Landon) happy. She is my little mother, one day in the very FAR future she is going to make great mommy. Happy soon to be birthday my little peanut!

I haven't been making much lately as I have been trying to finish up some things for Christmas gifts and had to finish the 3 swaps I was in. I did find time to make these earrings which I love. I need to find more of these star beads as I think they are wonderful!!

I am really loving plastic beads and such right now and used some hearts for this necklace. It's one of my favorites. The little hearts were in a mystery bag of beads I ordered from OMGLia. I gotta find out where this girl gets all her beads from. She gets some wonderful stuff in stock! I have some other ideas for a few of the other things she sent me.

Silver Owl. Kinda strange how much I like this considering I am terrified of birds!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these earrings!!!! I wear them all the time.

Here is a Christmas Altoids tin I received in a swap. She used the Nutcracker as a theme. This is the inside of the tin. Isn't it beautiful?

This is the inside lid of the tin, again beautiful

The outside of the tin is so girly and totally me! I love when people make the perfect things for me.

This is the front of the tin, still super cute and girly.

Lots of holiday themed jewelry was found inside my tin. I love the santa necklace and green square shaped earrings.

I will post more pics of things I have made for swaps once they are received. I have completed all my holiday swap items and all have been shipped. I am so proud I have resisted the urge to sign up for anymore swaps!!!!

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