First Day of School

Adia headed back to school today to start the 3rd grade. It seems like the summer doesn't last as long as it used to when I was a kid! She was so excited (not that she would admit it) that she got up early on her own and was dressed and ready by 6AM! Her backpack was already all packed up and ready to go. This year she chose a messenger bag instead of a backpack. I can see her not liking this type of bag soon. She also got a new Jonas Brothers lunch bag and lots of new clothes. All in all things went well for the first day of school. Hopefully it keeps up for the next 9 months! Next year I will have two kids to get ready for school. My little Landon will be in kindergarten! Oh where does the time go??? I miss my babies actually being babies!

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Kira said...

Oh, Lindy, having swapped with you twice, I'm already on your followers list :)

Kira (i-crafted-this-today), noooitaremyirthday


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