Please don't say it

There I words that I do not like. I don't like to hear them, read them, say them, and in some cases even think them. When I do hear them, read them, or think them I tend to cringe a little inside. Is this weird? Probably. Please know that while you cannot see me as I type these words for you I am cringing......A LOT

The first is a whole combo of words used for various bodily functions
Fart/gas- there is no good word and it's not funny when you do it or call it cute names. It's only cute when your toddler does it and laughs. End of story

Poop/bowel movement/diarrhea/dump-Shit, that's the only thing to call it unless you are talking to your toddler, then it is okay to say poop. Okay and it is kinda funny when your toddler says diarrhea. Not sure why but it is.

Vagina-I hate this word. It's just not right. Out of millions of words to choose from who decided to call a womens privates a vagina?? This is not a word I associate with a woman at all, let alone her stuff. Whooha is the word I use the most and when you are talking to kids it's a pookie. Adia has shortened this to pook. Once you have become a women in the biblical sense it is no longer appropriate to call it a pook or pookie it is now a whooha.

Clot-It just makes me think of yucky things. Things you see in horror movies. Not sure why this is but this one really makes me cringe. Maybe since it's not used very often and when it is it's usually not for a good reason.

Booger-this is a name you call someone when you are teasing them not something that comes out of your nose. If it comes out of your nose it's called snot. Snot is not much better but well okay it's not better but it doesn't make me cringe.

Slit-Makes me think of someone's throat being slit. While I have never seen this in real life (nor do I want to thank you very much) I have seen it lots of times in the movies and it's gross. Actually thinking about it makes me a little light headed. Oh I have actually heard this used as an X-Rated term and don't like that either, see above....

Zit/pimple-no reason just kind of gross me out.

Breast-Really only okay if you are referring to poultry and not a woman. Woman have boobs.

Toe Nail-This may be because I have a slight aversion to feet. They are just toes as in I need to get my toes done or just nails as in I need to paint my nails. Never combined.

Boner-Call it childish but it just makes me giggle. I feel like I am 10 again whenever I hear this.

These are all the ones I can think of right now. Do you have any words that you don't like?

Isn't it weird how if you say the same word over and over it stops sounding like a word? Doesn't matter what word it is, it starts to sound funny.

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Tiffany said...

You are the weirdest friend I have.


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