Pumpkin Patch

We visited Tolmachoff Farms over the weekend for their pumpkin patch and corn maze. The weather is finally cooling off so it was a nice morning spent outside. Adia and Landons favorite thing was the corn box. The box was filled with corn instead of sand. They also played in a bouncy house, rode on the train, and shot tomatoes out of a cannon. We saw goats, chickens, ponies, pigs, and an ostrich. We did not attempt the corn maze, I don't know that Ryan or I would have had the patience to be wandering around in some corn for an hour or so. I am not sure either of the kids would have made it through either!

Both kids got to bring home some small pumpkins which they colored faces on with markers. I will post some pics of those later.
They also got to help decorate the house for Halloween. We don't have many Halloween decorations but we still had problems finding places to put things. I need more display space of some kind! There was also the usual arguing about who got to put what up and where. I am so not looking forward to Christmas decorating. I think I am going to separate things into separate boxes and give one to each kid, and cross my fingers this helps with the arguments.

I finally feel like the holiday season is upon us. It seems that from Halloween to Christmas time goes so fast. I have luckily started my Christmas shopping already and am getting close being done! That is a first for me. I have lucked out and was able to pick up a really hard to find item for Adia that she wanted and got a $100 something for Landon for FREE. I like FREE.

I still haven't gotten to try the Halloween Dots yet but Ryan did buy me a box of regular Dots for family movie night on Friday. Ahhh he remembered that I wanted Dots! I may break down and spend the $7 for the giant bag of Halloween Dots though, I can't leave it to chance that the kids will get some while trick or treating.
In swap news, I have finished swapping for the year. I have holiday crafts that I want to work on for family and friends. All my packages I have made have been sent and received. It seems I have been flaked on in one of the swaps and will probably end up needing a swap angel to make me a package. Adia received a box filled with goodies for her and Landon has a package on the way. I kinda feel left out with no packages coming for me!

On a closing note, if your BFF ever says lets try a shot of 99 Apples, say no.

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