Friday, Finally

After the week from Hell I am so glad it's finally Friday!!!!

Sunday: I noticed Landon had the sweet smell on his breath again which put me into panic mode.

Monday: Lando's dad agreed to take him to the Dr and insist on blood work which made me feel a lot better. Get home to find that my house had been broken into. Had to wait for 4 1/2 hours for the cops to show up. They took a few thousand dollars worth of stuff and went through my underwear drawer ewe!

Tuesday: Super tired from only getting a few hours of sleep last night, feeling a bit anxious about being alone in the house all night.

Wednesday: Long day at work, PMS, filing a claim with my insurance company, worrying about finding proof of ownership documents for some things that I can't afford to replace on my own. Found out Landon's blood work is normal, still questioning why the elevated ketones.

Thursday: PMS, need I say more

Friday: Woke up with a migraine, probably from all the stress.

As far as I am concerned a new week starts tomorrow!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Is he a diabetic?


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