Who doesn't love robots? They are super cute for boys and girls alike. I made a family of robot shirts for the Ongoing Wish Swap.

There is a mom Robot....

son robot.....
And last but not least a daughter robot!
Please forgive my off color photos, my camera stinks in artificial light and these photos were taken in my office this morning. The son robot is actually on a lime green shirt with a dark green paint. The daughter robot is done in silver glitter paint and outlined in black.

These stencils were made using freezer paper. It was my first time using freezer paper since I can't seem to locate it in Arizona, my craftster pal Babalina was good enough to send me a HUGE roll to play with though. I will say that I am now a freezer paper convert, it's easy to cut through and sticks to the fabric well so there isn't any bleeding. These stencils were from Stencilry.org and and random find on the internet with a free stencil download on Flickr.


Troublet said...

Too darned cute!

Now that I've finished up making my shirts for the t-shirt swap, my brain is saying "Hey...you could make yourself one with (random design here)!" and I just might do it. :D

kelly said...

so cute and creative! love it!

hello from ff and adventuresinmomville.com! I look forward to following! craft blogs are my favorite right now!


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