Doll Bassinet

So this particular project was made for a claim in the Ongoing Wish Swap on Craftster and it stretched my sewing skills a bit.  I found the tutorial on Nothing Fancy who's bassinet is actually A LOT more fancy than mine turned out to be!  She quilted her peices before sewing them together and had the hood with lacy trim.  My hood did not like me.  I couldn't get the shape of it right and I was coming down to the wire of when I needed to send and I was running out of fabric.  So my bassinet is a bit more floppy and no so fancy BUT it works!  It holds dollies just fine!

 I also included a few felt dolly diapers.  All you need for these is a rectangle of felt, some velcro, and pinking shears.  Fold your felt in half, cut some leg holes, and add your velcro side tabs.

I would love to see if anyone else makes a bassinet and I would love some advice for making mine a bit more firm yet still washable for next time.

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