Easter Shirts

With my family we don't really go all in for the fancy dressing up on Easter.  We are much more laid back and these are DIY Easter Shirts that kiddos can make themselves are just what we needed to still be festive.

I started with a piece of foam that I cut out into an egg shape....

 Using a fabric marker I traced the egg onto the shirt....

 Then I mixed acrylic paint with a textile medium (can be found at craft stores) and painted the eggs on the shirts.  You could also use any kind of fabric paint. 
If you are using acrylic paint and the textile medium be sure to throw the dried shirts in the dryer to set the paint.  Per the instructions on the textile medium it needs to be heat set..

 Finally I let the kids decorate their eggs with the puff paint style fabric paint.
Now they have fabulous shirts that they can show off on Sunday while they hunt for eggs.

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LimeRiot said...

What a cute idea!! I'll remember this one. Thanks.


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