Pumpkin House

This little pumpkin house was made for my partner in the Mini 13 Days of Halloween Swap.  It features a little mouse witch with her spell book, cauldron, and pet cat.

A closer view shows some more of the details.  I had a Halloween themed ATC that I received years ago in some swap or another and used it as wall decor.  I also found a tiny little wreath. 
I also put a little strobe light on the roof for a spooky night effect.  It is meant to go into a jack o lantern.  My sweets had the idea to use velcro to put it up so that the batteries can be changed if needed.

I ended up not being happy with the paint on the walls of the pumpkin but I had already "installed" everything and couldn't change it.  Other than that one thing I really love how it turned out!  

This pumpkin was inspired by one made by that artist woman and pinned by my partner.  You can see the original here

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Meredith said...

Lindy, that's adorable! What a great idea!


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