DIY Dollar Store Candy Bouquets

I went to the grocery store and saw they had these gorgeous candy bouquets in the floral department.  I thought that would be a unique and fun gift for my kids.  Well not so much at $20-$30 each!  So I thought to myself, I can make those!  I went to the Dollar Store and bought my supplies.  Please excuse my horrid photos as they were taken in my room since I don't want my kids to see what I am making them

Gather your supplies:
You will need:
A Basket or vase
Floral Foam
Tissue Paper
Candy (I used the snack size)
Craft sticks
I also added some pencils and heart picks

Tape a craft stick to the back of each candy bar

Take two pieces of tissue paper and place your craft foam in the middle.  Place the foam in the basket and use the inner sheet of paper to completely cover/hide the foam

Start sticking your candy sticks in to hold the tissue paper down.

 Here is your finished basket!

I made three of these for under $25 and still have some candy left over.  They were very simple to make and a much more cost effective option than the premade ones in the store!  The kids loved them.  Success!!

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Kelly said...

Yay you! You know, I have always wanted to have my own business making personalized gift baskets...amazing what you can do/find with the dollar store!!


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