My little girl is growing up so fast. Seems like only yesterday I was making bottles and changing diapers. But now she's nine and thinks she is all grown up. She doesn't want help with anything from picking her clothes to brushing her hair. She has an independent streak that I think she might have gotten from me.....She is smart, silly, sensitive, and sassy, a combination that makes me scared to think of the teenage years that will be upon us in no time.
I am starting to see myself in her. We have the same weird bumps on the back of our arms and she is in denial that her and I have the exact same teeth! We have the same color eyes. We both scrunch up our noses when we laugh. We both have the exact same freckle on our faces, just on opposite sides.
She is starting to care about how her hair looks and what clothes she wears and I know that makeup and boys are looming on the horizon. I wish she could have stayed my sweet little girl forever. But we all grow up.
I can only hope that I am doing my job right in preparing her for the future. A future where she makes smart decisions and learns from her mistakes. I wish I could protect her from the world. No matter how old she gets she will always be my little peanut and I will always be her mama. She saved my life and no one will ever be able to take her place.
I love you Adia Maesky Moo.
*Thanks for the great pics Lucas


The Redhead Riter said...

Lovely post.

I was a single mom too. Just love them, love them, love them. Listen intently and you can't go wrong. My daughter turns 17 on Thursday and she is truly a beautiful person.

B said...

It sure seems like you're doing things right. Just the fact that you want to celebrate her on this blog tells me you're a good mom!

I'm a single mom to one boy so I don't get to join in on the hair and make up fun. Have some girly fun for me too please! :)


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