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This project came straight out of the pages of my most recent Family Fun magazine. I am a book lover and am hoping to share this love with my kids. So needless to say we have a ton of books. We had so many kids books that they could not be contained by the small bookshelf I had. Also it seems that most kids books are kinda small and don't really have a spine where you can read the title of the book. In Landon's case he can't read yet so he is usually drawn to the cover art. I have been trying to come up with a way to display the books in a way that makes it more inviting for Landon to pick out a book to read with me every night. Thanks to Family Fun I finally found a solution. So simple too! Now I can display a weeks worth of books for him to choose from. This way we also aren't reading the same book over and over again.

You will need fabric (sorry I didn't measure mine)

A double curtain holder (got mine from Walmart for $.96)

Two dowels

Family Fun used fusible webbing while I used my sewing machine. I think that it's pretty self explanatory but if you would like the step by step directions please visit Family Fun's webiste. Also please ignore the spot that Landon was peeling the wall off for some reason!

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