Now back to our regularly scheduled crafts

Halloween is finally over and I will not start posting some non-Halloween themed things. We have about a month before Christmas fever starts and I don't really give a crap about Thanksgiving.
I am pretty new to crochet. I can hook up a single, double, and even a triple! Ask me to make you a granny square of any type or to follow a pattern and we might be in trouble..... I would love to be able to make those cute little stuffed creatures or even a hat but no it's still not happening. That would involve counting and my full attention. I can whip up a basic blanket, a scarf, some dishcloths, soap pouches, and now this thing. Speaking of scarves I wonder where I put the one I made about a month ago......

So with that in mind I now present you with a cowl type thing that I made for the Ongoing Wish Swap. I did not follow any type of pattern I just used a double crochet to make a rectangle, added some button holes, and buttons and here you have it.

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