I have seen many variations on the ribbon organizer around the blogosphere and decided to try my own. I purchased this baby blue shelf thing at Goodwill on half off day. All in all I paid $1 for it.

I used my drill and drilled two holes on either side. Well Ryan drilled the holes...

I spray painted it and the dowels white.

Then I added the ribbon and hung it over my desk!

I seriously thought I had way more ribbon than this. I guess it looked like more while piled in a shoe box.


Kelly said...

Im impressed!!! Maddison and I went to look at model homes awhile back with my Mom...they had a sewing room, craft roomm....and I thought of you! They had a ribbon thingy just like this!!!

{ L } said...

I would love a ribbon organizer like that. This is just super smart!

Also, bad me. :( It took me forever to respond to your question and it may be too late, I'm sorry. I bought the LEGO ice cube mold from ebay. Take care,

Katie @ This Chick Cooks said...

That is a good idea, and you can;t beat that for a dollar!


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