Foodie Friday- Homemade Bread

 I have been seeing this bread on Pinterest for quite a while now and have REALLY been wanting to try making it.  Unfortunately I didn't have any type of covered pot that was oven safe.  So for Christmas I asked for one and as you can see I received it!  Here is my new 5 quart enamel covered cast iron pot. 

The bread recipe only calls for four ingredients so it comes together super easy BUT you have to let it sit for 12-14 hours before baking it.  I actually let mine sit for about 24 hours and it turned out just fine.  Here is the gorgeous loaf that came after all that waiting.  It was so worth it.  This bread has a wonderful crust and is so chewy on the inside.  Also per the blog where I got the recipe you can add just about anything you want for some different flavors.  
If you have any type of oven safe pot I recommend you try this recipe out.  This loaf didn't even last one day in my house!

Original Recipe can be found at Simply So Good

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