Epic Alphabet Sampler

I made this awesome sampler for my partner in the Triple Vs. Swap on Craftster.  The point was that I would embroider something for two partners and in return I would get one knit/crochet item and one sewn item.  

When I saw this particular wish on one of my partners Pinterest boards I knew I was going to make it.  I have been eyeing this particular pattern on Sublime Stitching for quite some time and now I had the perfect excuse to give it a go.  I bought the pattern along with a banner from Sublime Stitching and got to work.  I had a lot of fun with all the different color combinations.  In theD, P, and X where it called for French Knots (which I still haven't mastered) I sewed on seed beads instead.

This was another item that I had a hard time parting with.  Maybe one day I will make one for myself (yeah right!) or will get lucky and someone will make one for me....

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LimeRiot said...

Wow, epic is right!!


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