Foodie Friday-Grilled Mozzarella Sandwiches

Finally a new recipe! I had pinned the recipe for these sandwiches months ago and have been wanting to try them out.  The original recipe is from Martha Stewart and seemed way to complicated for a simple sandwich.  I mean who the heck needs egg, cream, and nutmeg for a grilled cheese?  So I took the idea and made it my own.  

I used sourdough bread and sprinkled on a little garlic salt after I buttered the bread.  Then I put sliced mozzarella in there and grilled it up.  It was served with a bread stick and some yummy marinara sauce for dipping.  Some of the boys in my house requested that I put pepperoni their sandwiches. I bet you could put any toppings that you like in the middle.

These were definitely a hit in my house and super easy to put together.  YAY for another easy weeknight meal that everyone will eat.

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