Halloween Shrine

In the Mini 13 Days of Halloween Swap on Craftster you have to make and buy your partner 13 small things that are then opened one per day like a little countdown.  This is one of the things I made for my partner that I was most proud of. 

I have had this little wooden shadowbox sitting around for a few years and I knew that I was finally going to get to be able to use it!  I spray painted it black then went online and started ordering supplies to fill it with all sorts of spooky bits.

This box features a dapper looking skeleton along with a bat in the background.

Is this really a cat?  Or maybe an animangus in cat form? Either way she is hanging out by the light of the moon on a spooky night.

These two cabinets feature different poison bottles, spiderwebs, and a skull bead.

I used a cameo out of my stash to use as a wall hanging along with a tiny metal owl and skull  for the first box.  The second has a murderous women going after a woman who is already in her coffin.

Finally a creepy keyhole that appears someone is peeking through and a spooky skull inside that little glass jar.  

I had a really hard time sending this off to live with someone else as I really wanted to display it in my own house.  My partner really seemed to like it so I am glad it ended up going to a good home where it will be appreciated.

A lot of the supplied were purchased from Retro Cafe' Art Gallery and Alpha Stamps.

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