Foodie Friday-Oven Fried Chicken Wings

Wings? Yes please!  I LOVE chicken wings!  I like them on the bone, extra crispy, and spicy!!  When I saw this recipe for baked wings on Pinterest looking all golden brown and yummy I knew I had to try it!  Now don't go thinking that these are healthy baked wings cause they aren't!  They are breaded and cooked in butter.  Lots of butter. 

As usual I didn't follow the recipe exactly.  Since I didn't happen to have curry powder and I wanted my wings to have more kick I made my own breading.  I used flour, garlic powder, chili powder, salt, pepper.  Coated them and baked them per the directions. 

Mine didn't seem to turn out as brown and crispy as the ones shown on the blog but they were still okay.  A bit buttery.  Well I suppose that is to be expected since they are cooked in butter!  Next time I may try using vegetable oil instead.

You can find the original recipe and directions at FOODLOVERR

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