Beaded Sun Catcher

I have had a beaded suncatcher pinned on Pinterest forever!  I decided of course rather than make one for myself that I would make one for my partner in the Random Swap.  I used memory wire and glass beads to put this together.  It takes A LOT of beads. It ended up costing me more money than I anticipated since my local bead store that sells loose glass beads charges by the ounce.  Glass beads are heavier than I thought! A fellow Craftster member made one and used more seed beads in hers.  I hate working with seed beads but it may be a good alternative to use as a filler for next time.  Another tip if you decide to make one for yourself... rather than pushing the beads round and round the wire to the bottom just string a few on then pull on both ends of the wire and they will slide right on down. 

Here is the one I made my swap partner

I  decided I liked the finished product so much that I just HAD to make one for myself.  I ordered some glass bead mixes on Etsy for a decent price and made this purple and blue beauty to myself.  Now I just need to find somewhere to hang it. 
I think that these would look equally as nice hanging in a bedroom or nursery too!

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