Typography Shrine

This project was made as a personal swap with another Craftster member who is also a graphic designer.  She made me something I needed to make personalized earrings and in return asked for one of my shrines.  She wanted a graphic design or typography themed shrine though.  I said hmmmmmm not super sure what I would do for that....  

I did a few searches for typography to get some ideas and then I went through my stash.  I knew I had this great & symbol and have had it for years.  That was the start and what the rest of the shrine ended up be based off of.  

I went on a hunt to the Craft store to see what else I could find and decided that some tiny symbol stamps would work for something and I found the number charms along with a tiny metal box charm.

I spray painted my shrine black and began to assemble it with a black, white, and neutral theme.  The & bead had the perfect loop on it for me to hang the 3 from.  This gives it some needed depth.  I decided to use the stamps as a base.  It's hard to see but I chose another & and the ! for the front.  After I hung the three it still seemed to bare..  I decided to alter the metal box charm I purchased with some of the alphabet. 

Here is the back of the shrine

I ended up also using a bit of black and white striped washi tape since the paper I used with the 7's didn't agree to being cut...

I really hope the person I sent it to liked it.  This one made me stretch my imagination a bit since it wasn't a typical theme.

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