Coppertone ClearlySheer Sunscreen

I was invited to participate in another campaign from BzzAgent. This time for a new sunscreen from Coppertone.  Living in Arizona sunscreen is a must!  Especially this time of year when we spend so much time out in the pool to beat the heat.  In my BzzKit I received the Coppertone ClearlySheer Sunny Days Body Lotion which is perfect for everyday use.  I put lotion on my arms and my legs every day before I leave the house and this is great since it already has the sunscreen built in!  I don't have to try to remember to put on a second lotion before I leave the house.  I am always sure to protect my face but the other thing I love about this product is that it helps to protect parts of my body that I don't think about such as my hands. It goes on smooth and doesn't leave me smelling like I am on a tropical vacation or like I took a quick chemical bath before leaving the house.

I also love the ClearlySheer Beach and Pool Sprays that were included.  It is so much easier to apply on kids.  Just point and shoot.  I always like to still rub it in after spraying it on to make sure we got full coverage. I would imagine this would be really nice on the beach when everyone is covered head to toe in sand!

Here are my kids enjoying the pool after being sprayed down
Overall I would recommend adding Coppertone ClearlySheer Body Lotion to your everyday routine and keeping a bottle of the spray handy for outdoor play!

**I am a BzzAgent and received the products above for free in return for my opinion *
**All opinions are my own**

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