Craftster Hoopla Along-May

The May theme for the hoopla along was something you geek out over.  Well I am not ashamed to say that I geek out over Harry Potter and now Doctor Who and since my partner in the Random swap is a part of both of these fandoms too I wanted to create something for her that fit into one.  Bonus was being able to have an offering for the hoopla along.

I was Google searching for sayings in Gallifreyan, this is the Time Lord language and Doctor Who is a Time Lord in case you didn't know, and stumbled across this gem.  It has a very popular quote from the Harry Potter books and films spelled out in Gallifreyan. It says "After all this time?" "Always"  ***sigh*** this gets me every time....

So while I do not speak Gallifreyan myself I will have to trust the translation and hope it says what it is supposed to.  I am not too worried though since I don't think many people speak Gallifreyan and regardless it still looks pretty cool.

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