Foodie Friday-Sesame Noodles

We enjoy making homemade lettuce wraps at home but I am sometimes left wanting something else on my plate.  I am not much of a white rice eater so these noodles were a must try.  They came together very quickly and I had just about everything I needed already at home except for the sesame oil. I just subbed in some regular oil and it worked out fine.  The recipe does call for a small amount of Sriracha and you can definitely add more if you prefer things to be a bit spicier.  Our house is split with half thinking the spicier the better and the other half being weenies.  So to be nice I followed the recipe and then just added more Sriracha to my own wraps and noodles. 

If you want to make the lettuce wraps you can try one of the recipes that I have used before or of you are short on time just pick up a bag of lettuce wrap mix in the aisle that sells the Asian food in your local store.  


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