Disney Bucket List Round 2

As we get closer and closer to our trip (40 Days!!!!) we are getting some plans hammered out on what we want to do.  The last trip we honestly thought that due to the cost we wouldn’t be making another trip for a very long time so we tried to squeeze in just about everything.  We didn’t know what rides we would all like and which we could have skipped.  I feel a lot more prepared for this trip and I think it will be a lot less overwhelming. 
We also sprung for the park hopper tickets so we can go back and forth if we so choose.  I know our first day in the parks will be spent at California Adventures and then we are going to hop over to Disneyland in the afternoon/evening and do some exploring on Main Street which we didn’t get to do last time.  I am also hoping to ride the railroad around the whole park.  If we plan it right we may be able to ride the railroad from Main Street, all the way around and get off in Tomorrrowland then hop the Monorail back to Downtown Disney. 
There are a few rides and experiences that won’t be open while we are there and while it’s disappointing, not having to wait in line for hours and hours makes going in the off season very worth it.

1.       Take Landon to the Main Street Magic Shop if it's still open....

2.       Visit the Silhouette Store on Main Street

3.       Find Hidden Mickey’s

4.       Find the Beast’s Library and Ursula’s cavern in the Animation Studio building

5.       Try to ride Radiator Springs Racers at night

6.       Play the midway games at California Adventure and hopefully win some prizes!

7.       Check out the Emporium on Main Street for souvenirs.

8.       Buy a loaf of french bread and butter from Jazz Kitchen Express or get a loaf of sourdough from Boudin Bakery at DCA.

9.       Take the “Secret Path” near Harbour Galley Restaurant to get to Splash Mountain, take some pictures!  Start at the Harbour Galley Restaurant and head towards the right.  Follow the path to Fowler’s Inn, which is just decor.

10.   Visit City Hall on Main Street to become an official citizen of Disneyland 

11.   Visit the Chamber of Commerce in DCA to get a copy of the Buena Vista Bugle

12.   Request a map of the Jungle Cruise

13.   Visit Snow Whites grotto near the Castle

14.   The girls want to meet Elsa and Anna.  Luckily there are now fast passes for this experience.

15. Visit Snow White's Grotto which may be closed...

I am sure this list will continue to grow and I'm sure we won't get to everything but that just means another trip in our future!

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