100 Things About Me

I joined a swap called 100 Things About Me. I had to list 100 random factoids and whoever my lucky partner is has to craft for me based on those facts or else stalk the hell out of my wist in case my list doesn't do it.

Finding 100 things to list about myself was actually kind of difficult. I never thought I was so boring! I guess also trying to write the list from the point of view that someone has to make shit based off this list really limits what I can put. I mean it's not like I can put

52. I dye my hair
53. I don't eat ketchup, mustard, mayo, or really most condiments
54. I am scared shitless of grasshoppers
55. I like to hold snakes, it makes me feel dangerous
56. I have a massive collection of nail polish and keep adding to it all the time

Wait that last one might have actually been a good one! Oh well, you see what mean about this not being as easy as it seems???

So anyway here is my list in all it's glory:

I have two kids Adia 8, and Landon 4
I have a boyfriend named Ryan
I live in Phoenix, AZ where it is hot!
I want to learn to work with resin
I love pink, black, and silver
I have a weird thing for bacon and all things bacon
In real life I am scared of birds but love them when it comes to jewelry, clothing, etc.
I love plastic and resin beads
I am in desparate need of things to hang on my walls in my house
I am a jewelry addict
I am a fool for tattoos. I have seven and more on the way. Old school themes are my favorites
I love Disney. Tinkerbell, Pooh, Tigger, Nightmare Before Christmas
Skulls are always a good accessory! Especially if they are cutesy!
I work at a desk job
I love to read.
I love Harry Potter
I like to watch movies
I like to take pictures
I like to play Wii especially the Mario games
I loved Kingdom Hearts but no longer have a playstation
I am addicted to chapsticks
I am addicted to good smelling lotions
I am addicted to candles that smell yummy
I love chocolate, dark chocolate covered carmels
I love peanut butter cups
I love marshmallows, chocolate covered, s’mores, rice krispie treats
I envy people who can draw/paint
I love interesting photography
I like to papercraft
I like to cook and bake
I hate the scent of vanilla
I envy people who can crochet and knit
I like Alice in Wonderland, the original artwork and the Disney Cheshire cat
I like cloth headbands cause they don’t hurt my head
I like barrettes and hair clips
I like things that are tiny
I don’t like Twilight but like some jewelry I have seen that has been inspired by it
I like butterflies
I like Dunny’s (www.kidrobot.com)
I like big cinnamon bears ( I like to bite their heads off)
white cheddar cheese popcorn is one of my favorite snacks
I like ice tea. Peach and lemon mint green tea
I like Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies
I love Sharpies
I love Shrinky Dinks
I adore stuffies and ami’s
I want to learn to bind books
I am curious about homemade soaps
I like picture frames
I like bags and purses
I am a music lover and my taste ranges from country to rock to Disney soundtracks
I like interesting papers and such to use when paper crafting
I have recently become an inchie fool. I NEED more inchies
I want to get a soldering kit to use to make glass jewelry
I like slippers in the winter
I like dresses
My favorite Disney movie is the Little Mermaid
I like cupcakes
I like football, Arizona Cardinals!!!
I like beanie style hats
Big chunky rings = love
I live in tank tops and flip flops when not at work
all things sparkly are good in my book
I am always on the lookout for neat note cards
I like vintagy type kitchen stuff
Bright flashy nail polish is always a must for my toes
I am dying for some yoga style pants
I like the TV show Lost
Daisy’s are my favorite flower
I could eat chips and spicy salsa every day
My celeb crush is Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights and X-Men Origins
Brad Pitt is pretty hot too!
I collect the collectors edition Littlest Pet Shops
I like stickers with funny sayings
I like buttons (or badges, whatever you want to call them)
I think pin up girls rule
my fave tattoo designs are sparrows and the sacred heart (these are actually my next tattoos too!)
I like stars and things with stars on them
I really like the color combo of black and white
I like black and white photos
I love the games Scattergories and Scene It
I think Mario and Lugi rock
I love hoodies
I am addicted to playing Bedazzled on Facebook
My favorite fruits are pineapple and peach
I love big sunglasses
Sugar scrubs for the shower are one of the best inventions
I like Sudoku
I like Pop Culture
I like books that start conversations
I admire those who work with polymer clay
I am trying to “go green”
I like cell phone charms
I like scarves but can’t figure out the right way to wear them!
I love scrapbook pages
I like stickers
Crafty items of food with smiley faces make me smile!
I support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Robots are cool
Vampires can bite me anytime!

Can you make a list of 100 facts about yourself? Can you add anything to my list that you think may be helpful to my future partner? (no you are not allowed to say that I am just plain weird, that's not helpful!)

Give me some feedback via comments people!


onecraftyme said...

I meant beJEWELED on face book not Bedazzled LOL

and I guess I did mention nail polish YAY!

Nicole McNeil said...

So if we are partnered up, I figure we might as well sign up to be best friends too. You rock!


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