Another blog I read listed a few interesting spam headlines and they made me smile. I decided I am going to give you some that have come through my inbox.....

Emotional Magic is just one click away
Okay seriously, what is emotional magic????

A home for $18,323?!?!?
I would be afraid to see this home let alone buy it and live in it

You probably have rotting junk inside your body
Probably right but I don't really want to know about it thank you!

Sample New Ultra Shine Jelly Lipgloss
Ummm for which set of lips is this for?

Find out if you qualify for a new high speed diet pill!
I have to qualify? Maybe I should try and then in three years I can get in on the class action law suit cause the pills gave me hemerroids!

Someone thinks you are dumb! Take the quiz....
Hello, I don't need to take a quiz to know that

Countless offers for me to get massage therapist training, become a CSI, or work from home
Your e-mails do not convince me, sorry

I need to APOLOGIZE! Lindy
Why yes you do you asshat

Oh and yes please send me my free laptop, business cards, credit score, makeup kit, and handbag. Thank you, I appreciate it so much!

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