Stupid stupid stupid project that I have screwed up twice and I am not sure that I want to start it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are two parts to the project and the first is time consuming. I screwed that up the first time and had to start over. Then I thought I had a wonderful completed project and it turns out that it's all screwy! I think I may have to post it on http://craftfail.com/

I found another lovely crafty site that I am loving http://dollarstorecrafts.com/ so crafty peoples go get some inspiration!

I have a box that I am almost ready to send out and once it's received I will post some pics on here. Actually make that two boxes that are ready to send!

In the mean time here are pics of the kids and some swap love they received from the Jar of Whimsies swap. These are some pretty big whimsies they received! Landon got some crocheted Ninja Turtles which he loves!

And Adia got a super cute tote filled with some goodies!

Here a frame that was made and sent for the Crafty Detective Swap. My usually reliable Tacky Glue failed me though and I guess it came apart during shipping. The recipiant is going to try to repair it based on this photo.

Then there is this charm bracelet inspired by a Victorian Tea Party. I don't care for gold tone but I didn't make it for myself and it turned out nicely. I had a heck of a time finding all the dang charms I wanted though!

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