101+ Things about me

So I can't just leave this list at 100. I feel like I didn't list things that are really about me so me thinks I must add more..

I love earrings
My friends all think I am kinda weird, not sure why.....
My favorite flower is a daisy
I use a lot of hand sanitizer and wish I wasn't too cheap to buy the good smelling ones
I am obsessed with having clean feet. I can't walk outside barefoot without feeling gross.
My guilty TV pleasures are Gossip Girl and The City
My favorite TV show is Friday Night Lights and it makes me teary at least once every episode
I am addicted to Facebook, I think I should attend FBA, Facebook Anonymous
I am from Montana and would love to live there again but don't think I could handle the winters
I look up to my little sister, she stays true to herself and is truly one of a kind
I love that my kids can show me the world through the eyes of a child again
I think my daughter Adia saved my life
I love that my son Landon is a mama's boy and I kinda hope he stays that way!
I am trying to get motivated to get my butt to the gym
I have found that I really really like South Park and I never thought I would
My boyfriend Ryan has a way of getting me to try new things and has helped me broaden my horizons in so many ways (such as watching South Park)
I like silly socks, especially toe socks
In the winter people make fun of me for wearing mittens and a beanie all the time cause we live in Phoenix (sorry people I get cold!)
I am a bit neurotic and make a lot of lists and like things to be organized
I wish that someday someone would Wist something that I have made, I swear if they did I would probably make them one and send it to them!
I hate my name and always have. When I was kid there was never anything with my name on it and everyone always calls me Wendy or Lindsay...
I kinda now feel bad that my daughter will probably have he same issues
I LOVE to shop, even for just groceries
Ryan and I have an addiction for grocery shopping. I swear I have more food in my house now than I have ever had since I have lived on my own for the last 6 years
I sound like Tickle Me Elmo when I giggle
I wish I could have houseplants or flowers or something but I inevitably kill everything
My daughter wants a hamster or gerbil or something but I want a ferret
I figure the sparklier it is the better
I hate driving, it makes me nervous
I like free stuff. If it's free I want it even if I don't need it

Okay I guess if I think of more I shall add to this or if you know me and have anything to add please do! I love to know what others think of me LOL

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