Landon My Not So Baby Anymore Baby

Six? Really? How did this happen? How did my baby get to be six already??

Being pregnant with him was so different than with his sister. I got A LOT bigger A LOT faster! He moved around so much more and I was really uncomfortable most of the nine months. I remember going in for my ultrasound and the cheer that went up from family and friends when we were told it’s a BOY!!! I was nervous, a boy? What am I going to do with a boy??? They like sports, and cars, and other boy stuff that I know nothing about. They don’t have as cute of clothes. They have extra parts….

I wasn’t as scared for him to be born seeing as how I had gone through this once before. Unfortunately I had to be put to sleep for the birth so I didn’t get to hear that first cry. The first time I saw him he was clean, wrapped up, and quiet. 6lbs 7oz of perfect little boy with the cutest little cleft chin.

 He was such an easy baby.  He slept all the time and for good long stretches.  He ate, burped, and pooped
During the first year he developed some picky eating habits, turned into a Mama’s boy, and refused to crawl or walk!  In fact he didn’t walk until he was about 1 ½ years old!! 
Being an easy baby he grew into a pretty laid back and happy toddler.   
Now all of a sudden I have a preschooler!  I am always so awed that I helped to create this super smart, curious, cute little boy.   
And here we are at six.  It’s very bittersweet really.  The bitter part?  My baby isn’t a baby anymore.  I have noticed lately how he isn’t as snuggly anymore and he doesn’t want as many hugs and kisses as before.  The sweet part?  Watching my wonderful son grow into such a sweet, smart, cute kid that everyone loves.  He is so funny and I wonder all the time where he comes up with all the crazy things that come out of his mouth! 
I hope that you always stay curious and continue to want to learn. I also kinda hope that you will stay a little bit of a mama’s boy for the rest of your life. (Don’t worry you don’t have to tell anyone) You are such a special boy and you bring me so much happiness. My life feels complete with you and your sister. I am 99.9% sure that there will be no more babies for me and I am going to miss all those things I won’t get to experience again. I am so lucky I got to do them all twice!
Thank you for being my son. I love you Bubsy….

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Kelly said...

We LOVE Landon! He has my blue eyes ya know :)


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