Armed with Pointy Objects

Whew!  I am kind of glad that all the holidays are behind us.  Sad that I don't have another day off from my day job until Easter though.  Anyway I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year.  I am excited to get started on my resolutions which include working out and eating better so expect some healthy recipes coming soon. 
I had said to myself that I was going to take a break from crafting and concentrate on catching up on some reading so in the last two weeks I haven't crafted and I have read 4 books!  I really recommend the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  But I have also signed up for two craft swaps!!! Who I am I kidding?  Not craft ha, it never lasts long.

I have been waiting to post these two projects until after the holiday madness even though they were both made for holiday swaps.  I can embroider some and these are two of my most recent projects. 

I love my Gnomies!  Don't you?
This project is a combination of embroidery and felt applique. 
Mmmm cupcakes!  I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of this cutie cupcake who was all hand emboidered. 

Both of these patterns were purchased from Urban Threads.  This site has great tutorials, designs, and freebies!


Troublet said...

GAH! Those gnomes are adorable!!!

Brooke Anna said...

I nominated you for an award at
check it out to accept!


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