Foodie Friday-Chicken Strips

Have you tried the roasted veggies I told you about last week?  No?  Well what are you waiting for?  Oh, I know you want to make the chicken on the other side of the plate...

Well I really didn't use a special recipe for these strips but I did use a different cooking method on them.  I love chicken strips.  Breaded then fried until they a golden brown and crunchy, mmmmmm.  I could eat these a few times a day but golden fried goodness is really not good for me or you.  I have made oven baked strips but they never turn out right.  The bottom is always soggy, they aren't golden brown, and they just aren't as good.  As far as I'm concerned ovens weren't made for cooking chicken.  

Well this method proves me wrong. I did pan fry these babies just to get a golden crust on them THEN I cooked them in the oven.  These weren't as greasy as the strips that I normally fry cause they didn't sit soaking in an oil bath for the duration of their cooking time.  
 I soaked my strips in milk all day then used Panko bread crumbs and some other seasonings to make the breading.  I also spiced a few of them up by pouring a bit of Sriracha, AKA Rooster Sauce, on a few before I breaded them

Check out Can You Stay For Dinner to get the low down on cooking these babies along with a recipe for Buffalo Strips.

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