Foodie Friday-Quesadillas

Quesadillas?  Who needs a tutorial on how to make quesadillas?  Tortilla, cheese, oven, done right?  Well yes unless you live in Arizona where it is over 100 degrees and don't really want to turn the oven on and heat up your house even further...In that case make em on the grill!  I mean if you can make pizza on the grill then why not a quesadilla or cheese crisp (if you prefer)?????  

Here are some all grilled up and ready to go!
Grilling them was great since they got really nice and crispy without the use of any oil.  All I did was throw the tortillas on the grill, let it brown a bit, flipped them and added the cheese.  At this point you can either close the grill and let it melt for a cheese crisp or you can top it with another tortilla.  If you choose to add another tortilla I would flip it after a bit to get the top tortilla nice and crisp too.  You can also add any other toppings that you may like.

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