Kids Craft Swap

I signed the kids up for the Kids Craft Swap on Craftster so that they could get some crafting in and get a package all to themselves for once.  Landon was much more open to my crafty suggestions than Adia was but they both did a GREAT job!  I started using Pinterest to find lots of ideas for them to choose from.  We found so many great projects that I wish we could have done them all!  Here is a round up of the projects we did along with a link to the blog that inspired them (if applicable).

Landon's Projects:
Landon made a summer fun kit that included instructions for making Moon Sand, watercolor paints, soap clouds, and a ton of other stuff that we found online.  We also included as many of the supplies as we could.

Here is a Lego Jar.  We glued a mini fig on the top them spray painted it.  

Here is a mummy that Landon made using some fabric, popsicle sticks, and googly eyes.  We also included the materials so his partner can make his own. 

Melty bead magnet

An awesome Lego Display that can be changed up any time 

A shrink charm necklace made using #6 plastic

Freezer Stencil Spiderman Shirt.  I cut the stencil and ironed on but Landon did all the painting

Adia's Projects:
A book bag stenciled with Harry Potter.  Again I cut the stencil and ironed it on while Adia did all the painting.

Twilight Pendants

Oscar the Grouch Pendants

Shrink plastic jewelry.  A Harry Potter necklace to match the bag and some colorful earrings

Oscar the Grouch Bottle Cap Magnets

Finally Adia's very first embroidery project!  I showed her one stitch and she did the rest herself!  I think she did a great job for her first project.  I may have to start showing her other stitches and let her loose.
She also made an altered DVD case coloring kit but I can't find the pictures of it now???
We got the idea from Handmade by Stacy Vaughn

We all had a great time with this swap and will do it again in the future if it comes up!  We all hope that our partners enjoyed their packages.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


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