Foodie Friday-DIY Peanut Butter

I found a recipe for homemade peanut butter somewhere on the world wide web and really wanted to try it out.  The only problem was I didn't have a food processor which was a required tool.  Lucky for me I got a really nice one for Christmas!  
It's really easy to make and tastes pretty good!  So all you do is put the peanuts of your choice and a bit of sugar in the food processor.  Then turn that sucker on.  At first you think that nothing is happening and it's just making a fine peanut dust like in the picture below.....
But just keep going!  Eventually you will see it start to actually form into a nice smooth peanut butter.  Since we prefer ours to be creamy rather than crunchy I let it go for quite a while. 
In order to test it out, I put it all in an almost empty peanut butter jar that we had.  I wanted the kids to try without knowing it was homemade and see how it was received. 
Well since there were no complaints I think it was a winner!  So all natural peanut butter without all the preservatives in about 10 minutes at home is a win in my book!

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Kelly said...

NICE! Sadly Maddison seems to be a food freak, but I may still try this! Any change in texture, color or whatever turns her off. I personally prefer the texture of home made peanut butter! YUM!


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