Kids Christmas Crafts

The kids have been crafting! Every year I like for them to make ornaments to give to the grandparents. This year I found an idea on a Tip Junkie Post which led me to a blog called Full of Great Ideas which gives a tut on how to make Five Finger Snowman Ornaments!
You will need:
Plain Christmas Bulbs (plastic is best)
White acrylic paing
Sharpies in various colors
A paper plate and possibly a paint brush
Spread the white paint on the paper plate
I would paint little one's hands or have the bigger kids dip their hands in paint
Have the kids wrap their hand around the bulb to make hand prints. I helped Landon by holding the bulb and setting it in his hand then lifting it out after we made the print.
Set on a cup to dry
Use sharpies to draw on snowman features.

I love how they don't look perfect and will be great keepsakes. As suggested on Full of Great Ideas I wrote each childs name and the date on the bottom where their palm prints are. You can also use a spray sealer if you choose.

The kids also make these foam houses. The kits were at Walmart for only $5 each! I had to help Landon get his roof on but after that they used the included foam stickers to decorate however they wanted. Reusable and a lot less messy than traditional gingerbread houses.

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