Foodie Friday-Homemade Twix Bars

We have some new neighbors that moved in a few weeks ago.  There are three new kids in the neighborhood and one of them is a boy who Landon has been getting along with famously!  
I like to welcome new neighbors/friends with a homemade treat.  It also gives me and excuse to try out a new recipe.  Win win in my book.

I have been wanting to try these homemade Twix bars for a while now but have been putting off doing much baking because it's been so hot and my life has been more hectic than usual the past 3-4 months.  So when the new neighbors moved in I decided now was the perfect time to try it.  

These bars come together really easily even though they take a while since you have to wait for things to cool down between layers.  The end result was very tasty even though for some reason my caramel layer didn't want to stay attached to my crust!  

I think my favorite part was the crust.  It reminded me of those butter cookies you can find around the holidays.  I think I could have just eaten the whole pan of crust all by itself and been happy.  Ohh or maybe just the crust dipped in chocolate, or with marshmallow.... I think I need to incorporate this into future recipes somehow!  

You can find the recipe at Color Me Meg and give these a go.  Or you can just make the crust, I won't judge.

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