Craftster Hoopla Along-March

I made this sweet spring hoopla for my partner in the Dreaming of Spring swap.  I used my go to the back stitch on the entire project with the full six strands of thread.  I love how the lines turned out with the six strands.  I usually only use three but I am going to have to rethink that for future projects.

The pattern was purchased from Polka and Bloom.  They have a ton of really cute unique patterns available!


Manic Monday

A happy mini bunting I received in the Ongoing Wish Swap.
It's even double sided!


Button Hoopla

I made this button encrusted hoop for my partner in the Box of Color Swap.  I ordered a lot of purple buttons from Etsy and combined them with some I dug out of my own stash and sewed them on.  Easy project but it has a great look.  I love all the different textures and shades.  


Manic Monday

Earbud Cozy I received in the Ongoing Wish Swap.
I LOVE the little ants!


Easter Wreath

This was my first attempt at a yarn wrapped wreath.  My partner in the Dreaming of Spring Swap seemed to really like wreaths and I thought this was something I could pull off.  I found the perfect varigated yarn with all these fun spring colors.  I also used flowers, butterflies, bunnies and eggs to decorate the wreath after I wrapped it in yarn.  

While working on this I remembered why I am not a yarnie.  No matter what I do the yarn always ends up in a huge tangled mess that takes me forever to get straight and rewound into a new ball.  Other than that issue this was a great project that I think anyone can pull off.  I may have to start making some more wreaths for myself for some holidays.

I hope you all have a very Hoppy Easter!


Craft Fail

I yet again participated in the Ongoing Wish Swap and made a claim for kittykill for a hoopla she had pinned.  It was my first time using a water soluble marker to trace my pattern to the fabric and I was so happy with how easy it was!  I stitched up the gorgeous vintage May Pole with birds and flowers. Then I rinsed it out to get rid of the pattern.  

This is what happened:
well I was bit upset.  I have never had thread bleed like that.  All that work stitching down the tubes.  Not to mention I was supposed to be sending out this package in like two days!  

So I went back to stalking Pinterest to find some ideas cause I knew I wouldn't have time to do an entire large embroidery project.  I ended up sending her the wrap bracelets (posted last week) that were already finished along with a smaller hoop and a felt bunny glasses case.  

I am not as happy with this hoop.  I am not sure why it looks off to me... It's a sassy vintage bird pattern I had pinned.

I do quite like the way the glasses case turned out though.  I decided to use brown felt for the bunny since it's close to Easter and chocolate bunnies are everywhere!

I hope the package was liked and I learned a lesson.  I will test all thread to make sure it doesn't bleed before ruining another project!


Manic Monday

Felt Easter Ornaments I received in the Ongoing Wish Swap.
Happy to have these guys hanging out on my Easter tree!


Foodie Friday-Copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls

I was home with a sick son earlier this week and decided I wanted to make some homemade rolls to go with dinner.  I had this recipe for copycat Texas Roadhouse rolls  and decided to give it a try.  They were super easy and pretty much fool proof!  I loved that there are only a few ingredients needed!  The only thing I would recommend is the make the rolls smaller than I did otherwise you will have to bake them quite bit longer than what the recipe says.


Wrap Bracelets

These are probably some of my favorite things to make.  The possibilities are endless with all the beads and charms out there.  I also really love working with Memory Wire since it adjusts to fit on anyone's wrist and I never have to worry about closures or beads falling off.  

I made this first bracelet for my partner in the Box of Color Swap.  I created a lovely box of purple goodies for her.

This bracelet was one I actually made for myself.  I had the lampwork flower beads and was feeling in the mood for something spring like.

This bracelet was made for kittykill in the Ongoing Wish swap.  She had a few of my wrap bracelets pinned and I know she loves an ocean theme.

This one was also made for kittykill.  I wanted to keep this one for myself though!  Love the little skull beads


Manic Monday

Crochet Hooplas and headband I received in the Ongoing Wish Swap.  
These are FABULOUS!


Foodie Friday- Sweet & Savory Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

 We live in an amazing neighborhood.  We get along with 99% of our neighbors and now consider some of them our closest friends.  A little over a year ago someones house was broken into and so we decided to form a Neighborhood Watch Group.  Since we went about it the official way through the local PD we have to have meetings every so often.  We try to get together at least 2-3 times per year and we always have a great time.  A few weeks ago at our meeting we decided to do a potluck with snacks and sides.

I wanted to make these chicken bites cause really who doesn't love bacon??  I have used this recipe before and made chicken strips but since this was for an appetizer I cut the chicken into bite sized pieces.  Once they were cut I put them in a plastic bag with the seasoning and got them all coated really well.  Then I wrapped each piece in some bacon.  Since these are bites I cut the bacon strips into thirds.

Each bite was placed on a prepared tray then baked in the oven.  I turned mine over a few times in order to get the bacon crispy on both sides.

Here is the very tasty result
These were a hit!  The kids and adults both enjoyed these.  I will for sure make these again in the future for other get togethers.

You can find the recipe at Food.com


I'm Always Late Clock

 I made this clock for a claim in the Ongoing Wish Swap.  Here is the pin it was inspired by.  I asked my partner what colors she would like and used those rather than what they had in the original.  I purchased a canvas and the clock parts at Michaels.  I painted the canvas and cut the words and letters out in vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.  I had some issues with the vinyl sticking to the canvas and had to improvise a few things.  After I got everything placed on there I sprayed it with a sealer and attached the clock hands.  

This poor package ended up being returned to me as I put the wrong street name on it.  It was battered by the time it made it's way back to my doorstep.  I had to do some fixing before I could resend it.  I had also made this as an extra for my partner:
and it was completely destroyed.  I couldn't find another bell jar when I went back to Michael's so I had to redo the entire thing and I wasn't as happy with the result.  I still sent it but it was rather disappointing all around.


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