Foodie Friday: Snickerdoodle Bread

Ahh the neighbor gifts.  We are very lucky to live in a neighborhood where we know and get along with almost all of our neighbors.  We have a neighborhood watch and all get together a few times a year to eat, drink, and chat.  In fact we do this almost weekly with a few of our neighbors.  To show my appreciation for them I like to give them a little something each year around the holidays.  Money is usually tight so I always have to think out of the box for something that in inexpensive but thoughtful.  This year I decided there isn't anything more thoughtful then home baked goodies.  

I scoured Pinterest for ideas on something that wouldn't take me days to make since I have eight neighbors and found this bread.  It's simple recipe that you can find at Kathie Cooks.  I did have a bit of trouble finding the cinnamon chips but lucked out at the third store I tried.  I used a mini loaf pan which makes four loaves at time and baked them per the recipe.  Man oh man my house smelled good!  Then I wrapped them up and let the kids make the deliveries.  

Since I still have a bag of cinnamon chips I think I will make a few more loaves to bring to work and for my own family to eat.

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